Files & Folders

Frequently Asked Questions

I downloaded Files & Folders but can't find it on my device.
After download, App World places Files & Folders on your home screen. Please remember that you can scroll up and down, and swipe left and right in your home screen. There may be more than one page.
Where can I find the manual?
You can swipe down and tap Help in the app, or find the online manual here
How do I copy a file?
To copy a file, cut and paste it from one folder to another:
Which cloud services are supported?
How do I copy multiple files?
To copy multiple files, use the multi-select feature, then cut and paste them from one folder to another:
Why don't I see a Paste button?
Some areas of the PlayBook are off-limits and reserved for the OS only. You cannot paste files there. Also, in the cloud, some root folders don't allow you to paste files. If you can't paste files, we don't show a Paste button.
How do I select a folder or zip file instead of opening it?
Press and hold the folder or zip file.
I'm lost. How can I find my documents?
Back up as far as you can go, then follow the highlightedfolders. That will lead you to your Documents folder. The location is:
I can't find a file I downloaded
When you tap Download and open, we normally place your file in:
However, this can be changed in the Settings screen.
How do I upload a changed file back to the cloud?
Copy & paste the file back to the cloud. At the moment, a full sync solution for cloud services is out of reach due to technical reasons. Cloud services do not allow us to set the date of a file we upload, making it very difficult to determine which version of the file is newest.
Why doesn't my audio or video play?
Files & Folders uses the built-in playback engine of the PlayBook. Your file may be in a format that isn't supported, or it may use an unsupported codec or profile. To see what type of files and encoding methods the PlayBook can use, please refer to Supported Media Types.
Why does my video pause or stutter while streaming?
Either your internet connection is too slow or the cloud service cannot keep up with the video. If you are connecting via Bridge, try again via Wifi. You could also try converting the video to a lower bitrate. You can always download the file to your PlayBook first and then play it using the Download and open option.
Why can't I access files on my BlackBerry phone via Bridge?

Please remember that Bridge is not officially supported by Files & Folders. We don't advertise this feature on App World because we can't guarantee it will work for all users, smartphones, bridge versions etc. There are a number of things that affect Bridge access:

Can I open a pdf in a different application?
Not at the moment. Unfortunately, the PlayBook OS has no mechanism that allows us to do this. We can only open files with their default apps. This feature is expected in BB10, and we plan to support it then.
Can I open password-protected zip files?
No, zip files that are protected with a password are not supported.
Can I connect to a share (Windows/SMB/CIFS) on my network?
Not at the moment. The protocol needed to do this is very complicated. We haven't found any suitable, reliable libraries. Besides, this should really be handled at operating-system level.
Why can't I e-mail a file?
Our e-mail feature is an experimental "stop-gap" solution until the PlayBook has decent support for e-mailing documents. It has been tested with many e-mail servers, but it is impossible to test with all servers and configurations.

We have found it works well with GMail, and we recommend you set up a GMail account even if it's just for sending documents. GMail can be configured to send from your own e-mail address, so to the recipient it looks as if you are using your regular account.
How do I get support, request a feature or report a bug?
E-mail us at Please include the version of Files & Folders, the version of your PlayBook OS, a detailed description and - if applicable - a screenshot.